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Posted by: aaronhank35 on 06/19/2017 06:48 AM

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Added by aaronhank35
June 19th, 2017

Added by myy
June 19th, 2017

opportunity to party. So Lee, met high and the emperor, Hou Qi Foot million Michiya? Dressed and onwards, but desolate look around, generous raw grief. This is a famous patriotic poet of the Southern Song Ci Kezhuang make "Patio Spring", a word used more allusions to a generous mood to express their anger tragic kills ambition to serve the country, the breeding ground for capitulators given the struggling mercilessly denounced and lashing. Kill expressed his desire to serve the country, to make contributions with pride and enthusiasm. Liu Chuang (1187--1269), the word Hermit, after No. Village, Po Yang people. But had the "Yin Plum" by "Bing Dong Jun absurd right palm flowers, but avoid aloof does not advocate" offended authorities and dignitaries, was spent more than ten years later was hired. He most admired ji, is an important figure in the Xin - school. Poetry belongs to the Lake Poets, the number of works rich, open content, and more talk politics priorities, as the reaction of the people's livelihood, later poetry tends School of Jiangxi. Because by ji practical live each day, maintain a pleasant mood, I believe there is poetry and warm sun from afar. Reading to change the pattern of use, as the open eye, carrying thirty-two friends, so that the road is not lonely, like the work choice, but to gain confidence and strength. Life, probably busy sometimes, also could not be easier. The pursuit of happiness is the meaning of life, we should also enjoy the moment of life. In fact, we want to have is not much that things ups and downs, after the well-being of the world and friends can share a cup of tea, bloom again, Love is old and wife can drink poured water. This spring, the most beautiful flowers seen through the most beautiful in full bloom, I tainted with ink color too much, I only hope that can leave some nice, bright themselves, but also fragrant others. Busy life, so I do not have much mood to taste to appreciate, to run the pen, the final word is thin, as according to my mood. This way, perhaps go too hastily, and that really stopped to look at the scenery around. Perhaps, then the United States in the spring, and will eventually travel, but also to the Ichikawa tobacco, the city, when the wind thread, full spring, a blossom of spring evening, but still beautiful people can not breathe. Walking in Mo, a lot of important things, probably have been forgotten, the goodness of life always seemingly understatement, as spring flowers watching mood, early spring morning that pot of tea incense, when sad lonely readily able to seize warm, cold and ray of sunshine encountered. Most are unable to retain the world, force is speech Kyoka speech tree. Time eventually removed in between, then, in the most beautiful in the spring, and write a letter it sent to the years! Collect some flowers, streaks of sunlight, there are those deep touch of the past, to the old, in the spring sunshine began to read, is it not a beautiful and wonderful it?prosperous Where to meet? Tang Po Chai House, Fu copper bird table. Kitchen chop people call it, Dongming whale kuai; yuzhen people were strike, Western media very long. Hero in the world, sympathizing with the operation, the child who is worthy of more than a total of blackjack? Qian Cheng car carrying Yannan behalf of the North, swordsman Wizards. Drink intoxicated breath of thunder, who is the morning chicken letter urging recall. Sigh Nianguang had to do, fame did not stand; scholar old, the influence, as more uninhibited. Because the other Fu If integrity (side has the gold, in order to uphold justice, is known for unyielding to strong, was the author of "Southern Crown Crafts draft"), poetry paid to sing with admiration and friendship, in square Fu if and lifetime Liu Chuang, often with him Yin Fu, drinking together. Poem, is the dream scenario if Fu and Fang together when the chant of booze. Poem for three years in Southern Methodism Chun Hu (1243), this time, Fu Fang Ruoyi pass away 21 years, the word depict, just a dream. Que sentence before starting from the beginning of a joyous reunion, to repairing dishes from happily drinking, high spirits to Ang, praise each other, showing the bold excitement. "Where Encounter" asked the question, pull out "Po Chai House" and "copper bird Taiwan" meet the kind of feeling, it seems like Po Chai House Xianyang and Caomeng who want to want to board a copper bird Like the case of Taiwan, gratifying and
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